About Pastor Mary Brown

I was the first of my siblings to be born in a hospital, located in Lafayette Louisiana (Charity Hospital) and not by a mid-wife.  I owe all of my living to God.  The doctor told my parents that I would die at the age of one.  I was a very sickly child. But, God used my mother to take care of me by giving me home medication and praying constantly for me.   Because of her faith through God, in God, and with God I am alive and well.

My parents were farmers and they planted every possible thing especially cotton, irish potatoes, corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, okra, water melons, cantaloupes, and every kind of peas and beans.  They were very hard workers and instill in me the value of taking care of myself. Why?   I was unable to work in the field like my other siblings. I did try but so many times they would carry me back home like a new born baby who could not walk.  Therefore, as I grew up, I placed my faith in reading books, taking care of the cooking, ironing their clothes, cleaning the house and yes, I was their barber.

My father (deceased) could not read or write, yet you could not beat him out of his money and he was very wise. My mother completed high school through night school.  She worked like a man.  Together, they placed the fear of God in all their children and made sure that we all received a good education.

I attended Southside Elementary School (Maurice, Louisiana) from first to eight Grade.  I attended James A. Herod High School (Abbeville, Louisiana) from ninth to twelfth Grade.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Social Studies from Southern University (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and my Master Degree in Counseling also from Southern University.  I received my Special Education Degree from Southwestern Louisiana (Lafayette, Louisiana) now known as University of Louisiana.

As a teacher, I taught Civics, Reading, Geography, Special Education (all subjects) and worked as a Counselor for a short period of time.  Also, I coached basketball, volleyball and track and field. I had a chance to teach in the various locations: Maurice High School ( now known as North Vermilion High School), and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, St. Francisville, Louisiana and last but not least Lafayette, Louisiana.  I retired from the Lafayette Parish School System on December 9, 2006 with a total of 34 years of teaching experiences.

I received my certificate in Theology from Interdenominational Theological Center in May 1997 from Atlanta, GA.  I received my Certification of Installation from Rhema Family Faith Center Full Gospel Ministries (New Iberia, Louisiana under the leadership of Overseer Roland Jones (deceased) in August of 2004). I received my Certificate in Expository Preaching from E. K. Bailey International Preaching Conference in Dallas, Texas completing a minimum of 30 hours of intensive, prescribed training which was presented to me July 9, 2009. Last but not least, I received my Doctorate in Theology from Cornerstone Christian College (Lafayette, Louisiana) under the leadership of Dr. Ralph Bonner (Bishop), September 11, 2010.  Because of Bishop Bonner I was truly inspired to fulfill my calling to continue writing and fulfill part of my purpose in this life. Through his guidance, wisdom, and understanding, I also received the Presidential Award.

In conclusion, I hope my book will unite and bring families back together and that my music will inspire others to never give up in their Christian walk and feel inspired. Husbands take your rightful place in your homes.  Wives it may be hard for some of you to do, but be submissive to your own husband, not everybody else's husbands.  Children, obey your parents the way the Lord wants.  The Bible declares if children honor their parents, they will have a long life on the earth.  Pray constantly. God smiles when you make sound doctrine that reflects His Word.

Reverand Dr. Mary Brown

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