As I prayed and pondered on the word of God, I became focused on our families not only in this country, but universally. I perceived that the glue that once held the families together have fallen apart or dried out. Family values have now become the crashing waves of mainstream American Society.

There was a time, when we could guard our families simply by avoiding certain television programs, going to Sunday School, Bible Study, and teaching them to avoid some of their peers who were considered to be part of the ―bad element. Years ago, it took a village to raise a family. There was more respect for each other, less rebellious children, more parents in the village were able to correct a child, and more children were subject to correction from adults in the village. Today, the waves rise even higher. What was once ―safe television is now full of morally abusive behavior, weak fathers, incompetent mothers, disrespectful children, and peer pressure. At one time, an adults request was met by ―yes sir, ―yes mama, ―okay, ―please, and ―thank you. Today, children are rebelling against the parents in many negative ways. Even children in Christian Schools are not immune.

How can families survive in today’s modern technology? Do we give up the values of the past?

As Christians, we have not yet begun to fight. God has provided us with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to overcome the world. He has provided us with the weapons to overcome all the destructive forces by prayer, His Word, and His indwelling Holy Spirit. They are far more powerful than anything we face in our world today.

What is the missing link between the Biblical teaching and today’s teaching?

Well, as parents or believers in Biblical Principles, we need to fight back through media boycotts, political rallies, and school board protests. Yet, they are only as effective as the family structure they are designed to protect. As parents, we need to teach our children values in the early stage of their lives at home. We need to have or become more intimately involved in hand-to-hand combat with our children. We need to spend more effort at becoming models of Christian health and spend more time with our children, and infecting them with personal exposure to Christian values. I have seen and experience the pressures of this ―now generation. This work, which is inspired by the Holy Spirit Is designed to address some of your answers from Scripture on how to protect and fight back with God‘s power. I hope you will not be disappointed.

Reverand Dr. Mary Brown

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